Tom Tartaglino



Currently I paint real images. For the most part, they are from real life. I love real life. These works are observances of life. One gets to be a pretty good observer when holding a paint brush. There is a realism about today that I am trying to achieve in my paintings. It is not just the image but the psychology of the image. Good painting should hit you on levels beyond the image. That is my goal.

High Water
24" x 42"

Dead Standing
24" x 32"

Vacant Lot
28" x 38"

7" x 19"

Cloud Designs
30" x 70"

The Nature of River
24" x 64"

30" x 49"

Approaching Richmond
16" x 30"

Water Part
33" x 50"

Oil on Canvas
22" x 22"

Oil on Canvas
34" x 20"

River at Peace
Oil, 15" x 39"

City Limits
Oil, 15" x 54"

on Main Street
Oil, 12" x 30"

Detail of Lisa
Oil, 15" x 15"

Another Dog Day
Oil, 15" x 40"

Trail Break
Oil, 30" x 80"

Oil, 11" x 11"