"40 Years in the Blue Ridge"

A Retrospective
Butler Institute of American Art
Youngstown, Ohio
August 9th - September 27th, 2015

As Cezanne and so many artists have observed, nature surely is the greatest of teachers. But so few artists who look to nature as their teacher are rewarded with a passing grade . This is to say that Fred Nichols indeed absorbs what nature teaches and advances beyond its lessons. Nichols is one of those rare artists who not only recreates the beauty inherent in nature but his work can also be seen as a celebration of that God made beauty.

Art that has endured through time has been an art which also reveals man's interpretation of his world. Frederick Nichols' artistry , his remarkable ability, is seen in the interpretation of the landscape. Like Thomas Cole who 150 years ago looked at a pristine American wilderness and captured the magic of that beautiful land, Nichols sees the American landscape though the filter of a contemporary world. He has clearly utilized modern methods and theories, from Impressionism through the various colorist movements to The New Realism concepts of the latter twentieth century. His work is a clear reminder that talent continues to be honored and that traditional notions of beauty are still treasured.

The Butler Institute of American Art is indeed honored and pleased to present the wonderful canvases of Frederick Nichols.

Dr. Louis Zona
Executive Director & Chief Curator
Butler Institute of American Art